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Global Classrooms 2015 Experience

Article on English teacher Manuela Moreno's blog,

written by two students from 3º ESO Bilingual Section


Every year, 10 students from high schools of Madrid are chosen to participate in a UN project. This year, 65 high schools took part in it. We were included among those 650 students.



Our preparation started in October. We prepared a position paper and a speech and learned all the procedure. We were the delegation of Bulgaria ready to debate about women's rights in government.

The 22nd of January was the big day. We had to be in the high school at 7:30 a.m, and the official conference started at 9:00 a.m. We were very nervous and felt that we were going to forget everything. We'd never had so much responsability before. The day passed slowly, we enjoyed every moment. By the end of the conference we'd presented different solutions defending women's rights in a resolution paper. Unfortunately, our resolution didn't pass.



A week later we found out that our high school made it to the next stage, the second conference. Again, we had to do a position paper and a speech but this time representing Saudi Arabia and with the topic of sustainable energy for all. Our country was very interesting as it is very rich in oil. However, we found out that Saudi Arabia wants to be the biggest producer of wind power in the near future!

asamblea de madrid


The day before the second conference, we went to the Assembly of Madrid, where we met very important representatives who took part in this project. The day of the conference we were more nervous than in the one before because we knew that the schools that had performed the best were there. Nevertheless, we were up for the challenge because we also were among the best. Everybody was very smartly dressed. However we danced vary funny song all together, this made us feel more confident. This time, our resolution passed and we were very proud of ourselves.

This has been one of the best experiences of our lives. We hope students enjoy as much as we did.


Ana Martínez and Marina Arshava 3ºC


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